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BULL - Co-Star - Viacom CBS/John Aronson

THE FLOWERS - Series Regular - Golden Ceiba Productions

BLACK BOX: KISS THE SKY  -  Co-Star  -  ABC/Simon Curtis

LITTLE HOPE (Pilot)  -  Co-Star  - Jacqueline Dow Films

CANDID CAMERA  -  Principal  -  ABC/Alan Funt


Film (Selected)

TOP FIVE  -  Supporting -  IAC FILMS/Chris Rock

CAN YOU HEAR ME? ** - Lead - King Lu Films 

BROKER 2 - Supporting - Rolo Films

DELIVERING THE GOODS  -  Supporting  -  Dahooma Prods./Matthew Bonifacio

MAGGIE BLACK  -  Supporting  -  Assemblage of Nouns Prods./Stanley Brode

POPULATION CONTROL - Principal -Room 1209 Productions

SOPHIA - Supporting - Jared Rosenthal, Producer

LITTLE HOPE - Day Player - Jacqueline Dow, Director

THE WILDERNESS - Principal - SUNY Purchase Thesis Film

EMPTY NESTERS  -  Lead  -  NYU Grad Film

PAIN AND SUFFERING  -  Supporting  -  Park Slope Entertainment

BLOOD AND WATER  -  Supporting  -  Bora Bora Films

CAUGHT  (2013 Student Academy Award Finalist)  -  Principal  -  NYU Thesis
THE HYPOCRITE (Camerimage Film Fest) - Lead - Columbia U.
INFALLIBLE (Short; Top Prize: Visions Film Fest) - Lead - NYU Thesis

THE CANNOLI (Sonoma Intl Film Fest)  -  Principal  -  NYU Grad
LAND MINE  -  Lead  -  NYU Grad

** Awarded Best Actor in a Short Film - Golden Door International Film Festival


New Media

THE DEEP STATE - Series Regular - Big Factory ProductionsTHE

SPACE AVAILABLE ORIGINAL SERIES  -  Series Regular  -  Room 1209 Productions

DA HOTDOG  -  Series Regular  -  Sea Change Films/Nathaniel Kramer


Theatre (Selected)

IN THE MIDDLE LIGHT - Luca - e'Merging Artists Festival

WITH THIS RING - Jack - New York New Works Theatre Festival

UNCLE VANYA  -  Alexander Serebriakov  -  Columbia Stages

BLACKEN THE BUBBLE  -  Mr. G’Oldboy  -  Movement Theatre Co.

THE LAST YANKEE  -   John Frick  -  Theatre Row

STAGE DOOR  -  Mrs. Orcutt  -  Chelsea Rep Company             

ONE FLEA SPARE  -  Wm. Snelgrave  -  Chelsea Rep Company                 

OLEANNA  -  John  -  Ward Studio Theater              

THE ODD COUPLE  -  Felix Unger  -  Ward Studio Theater


SPACE AVAILABLE ORIGINAL SERIES - Producer - Room 1209 Productions

UZUN BIR GUN (2016 Wasserman Award) - Producer - NYU Tisch Graduate Film

EMPTY NESTERS - Co-Producer - NYU Tisch Graduate FIlm

LITTLE HOPE - Associate Producer - NYU Tisch Graduate Film (Thesis)



ACTING              Maggie Flanigan; The Acting Studio, NYC - 2-Year Meisner Training; The Ward Studio, NYC
INTENSIVES      LAByrinth Theater Compny Intensive Ensemble w/Stephen Adly Guirgis, Philip Seymour Hoffman
WORKSHOPS    Darren Aronovsky; LAByrinth Theater Company Master Class; Neil Pepe; Peter Miner;  June Stein
ON-CAMERA      Heidi Marshall, One-on-One Productions (various)  
DANCE               Lynn Simonson (Jazz); Jocelyn Lorenz (Ballet)
EDUCATION       BA (Highest Honors; Phi Beta Kappa) - Anthropology/Asian Studies, Rutgers University; Mandarin Chinese -

                           National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan Ministry of Education Scholarship);

                           Culinary Arts - Institute of Culinary Education 9-month Certificate Program



Languages: Mandarin Chinese (Intermediate Speaking Level)

Accents: Standard British, Appalachian, Irish, Scottish, Southern

Stand-in Experience;  Professional Pastry Chef;  Culinary Chef;  20+ Years Dance Training and Experience

(Jazz, Modern, Ballet);  15+ Years Experience Teaching Jazz Dance;  World Traveller - Ask me about my

risque adventure on the Great Wall of China!



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