The Albert Finley Tapes

Albert Finley, my alter ego, was conceived and written for me by Patrick Avella, creator of Space Available Original Series. Albert is the role of which I'm most proud and which best represents the characters to which I'm drawn. A cynical curmudgeon. his snarky demeanor and dry wit mask a deep insecurity. These individual clips from the series will introduce Albert to you.

John Reads The Mail

Finally, a purpose for all that stuff that usually ends up tossed in the recycle bin, lining the litter box, deleted to the trash, or just wasting your time...

In the fall of 2017, I was working out the kinks in my self-taping set-up. Inspired by an assignment from Bonnie Gillespie, over the next several weeks I recorded a series of videos in which I read various and sundry materials: junk mail, spam email, magazine articles, cookbooks, even road signs. Here are a few of the results.

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Extended Clips