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My passions, curiosity, and sense of adventure have taken me around the block and around the world. Living in other cultures for extended periods has shown me I can adapt to almost any situation and environment. When combined with my out-of-the-box imagination, I'm able to contribute something innovative, often unexpected, to the conversation. Don’t be wary: I’m a great listener and a team player who works for the good of the project, whether as an actor, writer, or producer.

Some folks have the impression that I have a certain wisdom born from experience. Indeed, I have a lifetime of stories to tell (ask about the Great Wall of China!). But don’t be fooled by the gravitas: I serve my humor dry, with a splash of snark.

One of my greatest joys is making people laugh, and the characters I gravitate toward reflect that: a star-struck Celebrity Chef (Top Five), a flirty designer who befriends a new delivery guy (Delivering the Goods), a clumsy, inept judge hearing a bizarre court case (Pain and Suffering: A Legal Comedy).


My favorite roles? An artist's representative whose client is about to become the golden ticket to success that he has been working toward (The Flowers: "Jim", Assoc. Producer); the cynical acting teacher trying to resurrect his acting career (Space Available: "Albert Finley", Producer); and a strict middle-school principal with a secret obsession (Caught - Student Academy Award National Finalist).

Need more? I bake a mean chocolate chip cookie, and can even make it vegan and gluten-free if you’d like. Now that's being adaptable!

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